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CIDS~Labels... 'Connectivity Inventory & Distribution Smart ~ Labels'
CIDS provides high-speed printing of barcoded ANSI-606A compliant labels. This master index card label format
was developed using feedback from cable technicians and project managers. These tough labels are printed on
strong, waterproof vinyl using high-resolution/high-contrast characters and either 9 or 128-Barcode. GBS based
labels provide end-to-end management of Campus-Site, Building, Route, Pathway, Fire Stop, Cable, Circuit and 
Equipment.  Superior documentation helps get the job done right the first time - reducing time to complete
moves, adds & changes.

SAMS and CIDS applications now include direct database output to a de facto standard in the ITS Industry -
the pTouch 2610,  brother's portable/desktop printer - optimized for the TZ-FX231/241/251 Flexible Tapes
backed with stronger adhesives. Customized forms for any printer are available which are compatible with
Windows-2000/Pro, XP-Pro and Windows-2003. These can be provided for a one-time customization charge
if the specific printer is made available for (3) days. Should the interface project be cancelled, the customer
will only be responsible for insurance plus shipping and handling of their printer - both ways.

{CIDS~Label database prints to brother pTouch 2610}

(2) CIDS Standard SIX-LABEL Cable Set features: 
       6"x 4" index card format; Pre-punched 3-Ring Holes; Perforated Tears between labels:

{CIDS Index Card Label-set form}

(3) Industry Standard Quad-Faceplates are quickly printed and covered with
CIDS die-cut labels that feature individually perforated jack cover areas - easily punched out for additions.

{CIDS~Label database form}

(4) CIDS tracks infrastructure Certification & Fire-Stop Maintenance
{<I>CIDS</I>~Labels database form}

(5) STEWARD Asset Matrix system prints directly to CIDS~Labels.
SAMs can manage 32-Cables per 2' X 2' Grid, and easily tracks connections terminated across any interface type (flush, surface,
single, quad, patch, token, etc.)  Output may be filtered on-the-fly across multiple printers pre-loaded with custom die-cut stock,
to a single printer or to a brother pTouch-2610.

{STEWARD Asset Matrix system database form}


Why should you use  CIDS~Labels?
     In an official study conducted by BICSI, it was found that 25% of a structured cable technician's time was
    spent on... toning cables. Because the integrity of the connectivity asset is distributed throughout the
    expanse of your organization; it quite simply begins and ends with the labels found on each end of a cable.

Machine printed labels are the beginning and end of a properly cabled Information Transport System.
All other records are of little use without them. The Label Descriptors are your dictionary for
     verbal, textual & graphical communication, documentation, scheduling and management.

Everyday, technicians attach something that resembles a label to both ends of a cable...
if you are lucky! In many cases, it will be only on one end and will typically say something like T01 or D01.
    And of course, this is done far too many times with whatever is handy. If you are lucky, it might be done
    with a mechanical labeling system. Later that same day, a technician or crew might be running additional
    cables on another floor, the same wing or work area. You get one (1) guess what the label might say -
    if there is a label. Does T01 or D01 sound familiar?
     In a fully compliant Class-4, 606A cable management system,
    no two cables should every be labeled the same.

   * Each Label Card is self-indexed by bar-code, and includes database areas for Technicians to
      document originate/terminate locations.

   * They can be quickly applied in 80% less time to almost
       any surface - telephone, data, power cables, equipment, furniture, etc.

   * Alpha-numeric Descriptors are compliant with a Class-4, ANSI/TIA/EIA 606-A Standard.
   * Eight-digit database record number # is source of Bar-code.  
Custom label formats are available per your design.
   * Print Fee: $2.00 per CIDS Card in quantities of 20 or more. Cut-sheets included.

                        $ 0.75 per pTouch Label in quantities of 20 or more. Cut-sheets included.

 Label Sizes
     Medium size labels
are 2.50 in. wide and a 1 in. tall - providing a secure wrap around cables length wise.
    Standard size labels are 2.25 in. wide and a 3/8 in. tall - just right for mounting on or above wall plates.
    Labels feature a Flexible Vinyl base with Waterproof Text for maximum durability & resistance to conduit-
       pulling& moisture damage. These Labels are initially easy to remove and re-apply, but they cure with
       time to become more firmly attached.

 Format Size
Shirt-Pocket Card is 6"x 4" and is pre-punched for a 3-ring jr. binder.
Each card includes SIX (6) duplicate labels in three sizes: (3) Large (2) Small (1) Medium
     Remember, Quarterly Volume Discounts are applied for purchases made in previous quarters.


 CIDS ~Label  Software 606-A Compliant CLASS-4 Software
    displays alpha-numeric Descriptors and subset-128C Bar Codes for easy tracking
    of Multiple Companies and Unlimited Records.
   $1,499.00  Single User License with unlimited Logon ID's.
     All information is field to field compatible with optional enterprise strength
STEWARD Asset Matrix system.
     Scanner-equipped palm-tops, laptops and portable retail scanners can quickly read GBS barcoding and
     display Lexicon information.

 Pre-printed Generic Labels
   are sequentially numbered and bar-coded with an eight digit number.
     This alpha-numeric Descriptor is never repeated on Customized Labels for your business.
     On orders of 100 or more generic labels may be customized with customized information, e.g. project, job,
     company, etc..

Examples of Generic Descriptor Text
00000001 ________________   IN STOCK:   4-Hour Pickup - Overnight Shipping Extra.
00000002 PAM_____________   ID/INITIALS:   8-Hour Pickup - Overnight Shipping Extra.
00000003 DKW_NBS_JOB20101   CUSTOM: 24-Hour Pickup - Overnight Shipping Extra.
11111111 row-1 of cus-txt   8-Digit Bar-Coded Numbers, Space, and Two Rows of 16-alpha-numeric text is standard.
         row-2 of cus-txt

  Important Information
    * CIDS~Labels
       provide an extremely functional, easy-to-use approach for staff, independent tech's and project managers.
   * Label Usage, number sequences and miscellaneous information
       are tracked at no charge for the first year, to assist in preventing repeated asset numbers.
   * Quarterly Partnering Customer Agreements
       can be defined - based on quarterly based volume, to include labels, telephone and web support.


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