ITZ~ChronStamp      for Atlanta/New York:  Z1800     DAYLIGHT Saving Time(+) = STANDARD Time(~) Plus 1-Hour.  
   UTC, ZULU & GMT @ Z13~ 
    New World Day @
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Press [F5] to Refresh/Rotate the ITZ~ChronStamp Zone Clock below - if the hour changes while viewing.  Java backward compatibility was a mainstay for years until Oracle bought the Sun.! :-(

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The Tilde
 ~ sign indicates STANDARD Time.  The Plus + sign indicates DAYLIGHT/SUMMER Time + 1 hour advanced.
Z0100~ is defined by the 180º Meridian of longitude near Tuvalu-Funafuti, a.k.a.  the International Date & Time Line.
{ITZ~ChronStamp copyright 2001~2014 by}{World Map copyright 2006}
       The flat map graphic may be used as a desktop background.    A dark Navy blue background color compliments the map.
       Z24 and Z01 are separated by the International Date Line time at 180º Longitude.  The IDLt defines World Standard Date and Day.
       Z12 and Z13 are separated by the Greenwich Prime Meridian at 0º Longitude which defines World Standard Time for UTC, Zulu, GMT and
1. In  some versions of MS-Windows,
one should seriously consider
NOT USING the 'Date and Time Properties'.

Clear the Checkbox labeled Automatic adjustment of DST.

Set your Local Time Zone to the proper time zone for Standard Time.
(e.g. East Coast of the U.S. is Eastern Time or UTC offset of -0500

Set your Local Time Zone one hour East of your normal time zone.
(e.g. Eastern to Atlantic UTC offset of -0400 hours)

4. LASTLY, adjust your PC clock to the correct Local Hour and Minute. 
Longitude and Latitude lines on the map are approximate and are used only for illustrational purposes.
Date & Time on the International Date Line [180º Meridian] is where the New World Day begins and ends.
The IDL also defines the date and time for the First Time Zone Z0100~  [180ºE to 165ºE Lon] in the Pacific Ocean.

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