Happy Hanukah and a very
Merry Christmas !

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Santa loves all the world's people!
Santa begins his annual journey from the North Pole at one second past midnight when Christmas Day begins on the International Date Line. 
He heads directly south - exceeding the speed of light over the South Pole - while the world spins west to east beneath his path.
Miraculously he visits every one on the good earth that welcomes him - returning home to the North Pole with only a minute to spare before midnight.
There, Mrs. Claus greetsSanta with a cup of hot chocolate and a rest in his favorite winged chair warming by the fireplace.
Another season has passed and again Santa was honored  to have reminded us of the first Christmas presents - Love and Forgiveness.
These are the blessings from heaven for all the world - freely presented on the first birthday of a baby boy named Jesus, who is Christ the Lord.

{email Santa}  Always ask your parents first for permission to send a letter to Santa's Helper. {form mail}

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