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Information Transport Systems Support~Solutions

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 Project Management - rates, fees and retainers

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If you wish to send comments, require more information, need to register or order CIDS~Labels,
you may contact a consultant below or request information at:
The NBS~Group, 4770 Ivy Ridge Drive, SE in Smyrna (atlanta), Georgia 30080-6628,
Telephone: +1.770.395.6500.    Thank You.


ITS Industry and Business Consultants

Don Wagner
Sr. Project Manager & CIO
  Systems Design, Data Base Administration
  Asset & Cable Management, Inventory Control
  Customer Relationship Management & 606A-Compliant Labeling
  Phone: 770.395.6500 / 404.808.4040


John Alexander
DUPONT Professional Auditor
  Authorized Systimax SCS Engineer
  and Sr. Project Manager for Structured Cabling Systems
  Phone: 770.395.6500 / 770.985.0019

Stephen Charlton
  Design of Structured Cabling & Outside Plant using GPS links
  Phone: 770.395.6500 / 770.443.0672

Harrie Bell
SCHEDULING Coordinator
  Phone: 770.395.6500 / 404.808.4041

Mike Lord
Network Design & Documentation
  NetViz, Visio, Autocad
  Phone: 770.395.6500 / 770.982.3131

Arthur Fixel
Business Process Analyst
  Finance & H.R. Administration
  Phone: 770.395.6500 / 615.370.4605

Charles Neff
Power Systems Analyst
Prime Power Services, Inc.
  Phone: 404.739.2300 / 404.606.4871 / 770.395.6500


Project Management - rates, fees and retainers
        Hourly Rates, Fees and Retainers are dependent on the number of resources used and type of service rendered.
            $60/hour for Consultation and Design
            $40/hour for AutoCad Drafting and Data Entry
            $30/hour for Secretarial and Digital-Dictation Transcription

            Site Visits and Audits:
            $30/site visit travel charge
            $30/hour to Label telecom-spaces using GBS or other system: Equipment, Termination Blocks, etc.
            $40/hour for Paper Form Audits ( two to three persons)
            $30/hour for Digital-Dictation Audits

            Out-of-Town Travel:
            Standard commerical carrier travel plus per diem expenses
            $20/hour of total time from departure to return home; minus (3) hours per day personal time
            $90/hour for Consultation

            Audits and Requests For Proposal/Quotations can require extensive amounts of labor.
            We encourage Clients to discuss alternative financial arrangements -
            in order to satisfy government or corporate policies.

            When extended on-site work or travel is required -
            a compensating retainer may be requested for expenses made on behalf of the Client.

            Terms of Payment:
            Unless other arrangements are made, all invoices are Net-10, due from date of transmission.
            Paper Invoices will be mailed upon Client request.

  top - database tracking services

Connectivity Fees for Tracking Structured Cable Records.
  1. Initial number of database records determines the estimated first quarter payment.
  2. When records are purged or accounts deactivated, the next month's fee is adjusted.
  3. Database maintenance is $5 per month per thousand records with a $5 minimum.
  4. Each accessible record costs only 1-cent per month.
  5. The average number of monthly records is rounded up to the next 100 records.
  6. Example: A one to 1000 record database is the minimum size and costs $15 per month.
      Example: A 5165 record database is calculated using 5200 records for the previous month.
      One cent per record equals $52. and $5 per thousand for Administration - for a total of only $77.
  7. DVD backup optical discs for very large databases are typically $15. each plus S&H.

Inventory Fees for Tracking Work~Space Asset Records. (customized per client)

* Directory Fees for Tracking Work~Space User Records. (customized per client)


CIDS~Labels  details
   Alpha-numeric Descriptors are compliant with a Class-4, ANSI/TIA/EIA 606-A Standard.
    Each 6" x 4" Shirtpocket Size Label is pre-punched for a 3-ring jr. binder; perforated between for easy separation
Includes SIX (6) Duplicate labels in three sizes: (3) Large (2) Small (1) Medium
    Label default text may be customized to include a vendor or end-user name in place of Steward.

          (Copyright notice remains)

    Eight-digit Database Record # is the source for generating 128C Bar-code (1 to 99,999,999 records)

Print Fee: $2.00 per CIDS' Card - Quarterly Volume Discounts are applied for previous quarter's volume.
Print Fee: $1.50 per Pair of pTouch labels (Height=1" Length=3" ~ printer cut labels waste 1/2").



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