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STEWARD Asset Matrix systems
     includes a "Grid~Based~Schema Lexicon" that drives "Connectivity~Inventory~Distribution Smart Labels"
     The GBS~Lexicon and all asset information sources are fully integrated - working together to keep your ITS information
       organized, certified, secure and online more of the time.

The GBS~Lexicon is explained in a step-by-step
GUIDE (782KB-file) available in the Acrobat file format.
The ANSI/TIA/EIA-606A specification outline involves much more than mechanically printed labels. The
Standard provides detailed, generic specifications for creating an ITS management system involving multiple systems
in a multi-vendor environment. After reading the 606A document, it is hoped that the reader will understand how
helpful the GBS~Lexicon
GUIDE document can be to achieving compliance.

A GBS implementation of 606A can provide measurable improvement in many areas and delivery of superior support
services - a benefit for both customers and vendors. Implementing a GBS configuration will provide a positive return
on investment (roi) by eliminating the most wasteful use of a technicians labor - the 25% spent just toning cables!
Careful management of ITS assets can reduce excessive inventory expenses and redundant labor, thereby extending
the useful economic life of a company's structured investment.

Administrators may choose to outsource with FlexComm.com Support~Solutions initially to fast-track the design-
build phase of the baseline tables. This
on-demand support can greatly reduce start-up costs and improve quality.
During the first and each subsequent quarter of support, a customer's needs can be reviewed. The results are then
used to customize support services and grow a flexible Customer Partner~Provider Agreement.

STEWARD Asset Matrix system ~ is a fast and powerful database application - integrating multiple tables and
ad hoc reports to provide new or experienced managers of Information Transport Systems with a comprehensive
system view. SAMs includes CIDS-Labels and a new foundation management application fmBASIC.

CIDS~Labels ~ provide high-speed printing of barcoded ANSI-606A compliant labels. This master index card label format
was developed using feedback from cable technicians and project managers. These tough labels are printed on strong,
waterproof vinyl using high-resolution/high-contrast characters and either 9 or 128-Barcode. GBS based labels provide
management of Campus-Site, Building, Route, Pathway, Fire Stop, Cable, Circuit and Equipment.
Superior documentation helps get the job done right the first time - reducing time to complete moves, adds & changes.

fmBASIC ~ foundation management Baseline Assets, Systems, Inventory & Changes
fmBASIC will soon provide scheduling and tracking of installation, moves, adds and changes involving Information
Transport Systems. Less anyone be confused,
fmBASIC is not offered as a facilities management application.
fmBASIC will reside common baseline data from which other software applications can commonly reference.
The hope is to reduce the chaotic duplication and confusion that seems to be a de rigueur unwillingness to effect
changes that are not immediately, financially visible in current quarter dividends.

Captures of the more commonly used screens are provided
below. These are outdated and will soon be replaced with
newer versions and new screens from the fmBASIC application currently in beta testing. The InterSystems Cache' SQL
backend web databases will have JavaScript, SuperBase and Delphi user interfaces. These will be web versions of the
current eVectory SuperBase applications and are expected in late 2006 - early 2007.

(1) CIDS~Labels' screen capture of primary SAMS menu.
{Resource Menu - Screen Capture}

(2) CIDS~Labels screen form shown below is for 1" stock using a portable Brother or Brady type printer.
{CIDS database prints to Brother pTouch 2610}

(3) CIDS Standard SIX-LABEL Cable Set: 
6"x 4" index card format; Pre-punched 3-Ring Holes; Perforated Tears between labels:

{CIDS Index Card Label-set form}

(4) Industry Standard Quad-Faceplates are quickly printed and covered with
CIDS die-cut labels that feature individually perforated jack cover areas - easily punched out for additions.

{CIDS~Label database form}

(5) CIDS tracks infrastructure Certification & Fire-Stop Maintenance
{<I>CIDS</I>~Labels database form}

(6) SAMS uses 'CIDS (Connectivity-Inventory-Distributed-Smart)~Labels
Using a graphical algorithm, SAMs can manage 32-Cables per 2' X 2' Grid, and easily tracks connections terminated
across any interface type (flush, surface, single, quad, patch, token, etc.)
Output may be filtered on-the-fly across multiple printers pre-loaded with custom die-cut stock, to a single printer
or to
Brother or Brady type portable printers.

{STEWARD Asset Matrix system database form}